Spotlighting Careers Since 2000

WTA represents news anchors, hosts, correspondents, and sports and weather anchors at the national level, as well as top local stations throughout the United States. WTA focuses on placing its clients in the top 20 markets, as well as at the broadcast and cable networks. It is very active in the syndication marketplace as well. WTA also represents network-level producers and independent production companies.

Gregg Willinger, President and CEO of Willinger Talent Agency, Inc. (WTA), founded the company in late 2000 after a highly successful 8+year run at The Conrad Shadlen Corporation, a New York City-based television news talent agency. He started with Shadlen in 1992 as an attorney/agent and within three short years, he was a Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors. In early 2001, WTA purchased The Conrad Shadlen Corporation.

An agent’s role is to represent his or her client aggressively, zealously, and professionally. The agent works for the client, not the other way around. At WTA, we provide advice and counsel to our clients on a daily basis.

Gregg Willinger
President & CEO